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About Conference

It is commonly stated that such sciences as humanities, management, economics and accounting   are pillars of progress in developed countries and they facilitate fulfillment of scientific objectives and programs across various international aspects. Today, these scientific fields play a critical role in the success, progress and realization of main goals of countries and organizations. Besides, they may improve the quality of people's lives in different dimensions. Therefore, the views and expertise of academic elites in these academic communities must be duly utilized in order to strengthen various fields of the humanities, management, economics and accounting. Besides, the latter findings may be utilized in order to localize and generalize new findings across the world. It seems very essential to conduct such scientific inquiries in management, economics and accounting as the cornerstones of organizational and administrative transformation. Besides,it is argued that humanities, management, economics and accounting play a fundamental role in achieving a coherent system of thought and civilization. These endogenous and exogenous   developments require management of the transition and development processes. Given the importance of aforementioned trend, the 3rd International Conference on Research and Development in Humanities, Management and Economics aims to examine the innovative practices and novel ideas in diverse domains of humanities and interdisciplinary fields. Besides, it aims to pave an international way for leading academics, active researchers and policy makers to communicate and exchange their viewpoints on developments in recent research. In this regard, the Conference Secretariat kindly invites all professors, researcher sand executive officials to submit, individually or in partnership with other researchers, their valuable articles comprising the latest scientific and-research findings on the main themes of the Conference or the related themes to the Conference Secretariat. In addition, those scholars interested in these fields but may not wish to present a paper can take part in this scientific event as free participants.

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About Conference

about conference

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