About Conference

About Conference

Humanities, management, economics and accounting are thedeveloped countries progress factor in order to fulfill the goals, programs andthe need to science work at its different dimensions at international level.Today these sciences play a main role in success, progress and access to theworld countries main goals, organizations and the improvement of people life atdifferent aspects. Therefore, use the ideas and expertise of humanities andeconomic elite society to plan for reinforcing the various fields of thehumanities, management, economic, accounting and applying new findings tolocalize and implement the new ideas, is an important requirement in the world.Because this necessity is more tangible in the expertis such as management,economic and accounting as an administrative and organizational evolutionrudder and because the humanities has a fundamental role in achieving acoherent and civilized though system, whether these developments are endogenous andbased on internal research and development or consider as Exogenous andexogenous, they entailmanaging the process of transition and development.

So holding the international conference With theaim of finding innovative synergies and dissemination of knowledge in the fieldof human sciences and utilizing the valuable experience of the past, professorsof universities, and scientific institutions of the world, provides accurate opportunity to exchangeinformation and presenting new research findings and to bring together experts,scholars, academics, policy makers and managers, relevant and interestedorganizations, experts and enthusiasts human sciences, management, economics,accounting. Accordingly, the Secretariat proudly invite of all professionals,experts, students, researchers and scientists in the academic, research andadministrative officials to post their articles with the latest scientificfindings and research on the main axes of the conference or related fields,either individually or in collaboration with the secretariat of the conference.In addition, those interested in this area can participate as free participatorin this science event without article presentation

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